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The Architecture of Sustainable Change
What do you need to know to make change lasts?

Architectures are all about change, which in turn, is all about time. It seeks to preserve the past in the present time, and at the same time, it looks boldly into the future to reinvent the present.
The question is, what can we as Change Agents learn by applying the theory of architecture to personal change?

Many of today's change models focus on executing linear processes – moving from Point A to Point B to change the current situation. What is falling short is that it sees the change process as a predictable entity.

The architecture of sustainable change is a paradigm shift that embraces the transience in today's culture. And yet, this might sound like an oxymora statement when the goal in the coaching process is to enable lasting change.

In this 45 mins webinar, by drawing his inspiration from the theory of architecture, Dr Ben Koh – Founder of Coach Masters Academy and a thought leader in the field of transformative learning, will share with you how to inspire positive, lasting change that is adaptive, responsive and generative.

What can you expect to learn from this webinar?
1. Deepen your understanding of the concept of sustainable change
2. Integrate the concept of sustainable change in your coaching process
3. Three simple processes to shift from a transactional to a transformational approach

Dr Koh Ben is known as a catalyst for positive change and a leading expert in transformative coaching. His empirical approach to enable sustainable change has inspired him to create a proprietary coaching technology, known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation that has been taught across the globe. Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he enables leaders to experience a powerful shift in their thinking and empowers them to lead from an inside-out approach.
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