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Managing Stressful Situation by Expanding Your Situation Awwareness
Presented by Tait Oliver, Business Development, Leadership and Wellness Coach.

When facing a stressful situation, common sense knowledge like “look before you leap” and “think before you speak” sometimes just don’t work. This is because when the mind is stressed the cognitive brain that is responsible to make a sound decision takes a back-seat, and consequently this impacts our ability to be aware of what is happening around us, where we are in relation to other people or things, and what potential threats there might be.

In this webinar, Tait Oliver, a Business Development Coach, who helps organizational leaders to improve their well-being will share why it matters so much in today's context to increase our situational awareness capacity. He will explain how the brain and the thinking process work under pressure and how the principles of transformative coaching can positively impact everyday decision-making in stressful situations.

Learning Objectives
(1) Understand Situational Awareness and what influences this type of awareness.
(2) Understand how we make decisions in stressful situations.
(3) Understand how fundamental skills in transformative coaching can evoke awareness resulting in heightened common sense and better decision-making.

May 18, 2021 03:00 PM in Auckland, Wellington

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