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Unlock Your Real Potential by Stepping out of Comfort Zone
Are your clients sometimes afraid of going out of their comfort zone? Afraid of making mistakes and failing? Are they curious about their real potential? Do they want to try something new, but they feel at the same time to not have enough courage to break their limits?

Most of the time outside of the comfort zone is the zone where we feel unsafe because of the higher risk of failing or being overwhelmed. But in this zone, we are learning to overcome our fears, finding out how to deal with our limiting beliefs and inner blocks. Our individual growth comes from pain and a step by step transformation processes. From a fear zone to a growth zone, from an out of comfort zone to a comfort zone. The out of comfort zone becomes our new comfort zone through our growth zone

İn this webinar, you will get familiar with the comfort and out of comfort zone model and will see the connection with an ACC conversation and the power of coaching.
You will see a unique combined approach based on sports and positive psychology.

Learning Objectives
(1) Understand the underlying issues faced by stepping out of your comfort zone
(2) İntegrate the out of comfort zone model in your coaching process by using positive psychology and sports psychology
(3) Understand how a transformational approach can evoke awareness, clarity and understanding to step out of your comfort zone

Presented by Deniz Kayadelen, a bestselling author of “Out of Comfort Zone”, a business psychologist, management consultant, and an extreme swimmer with many national and international awards.

May 19, 2021 03:00 PM in Singapore

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