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Live Coaching Session by Diana Purdy
The most well-intentional efforts to help people to change can be easily undermined. In our attempt to coach a person seeking help, most of us naturally take a problem-centred approach focusing on the gap between where they are and where we think they should or could be.

By doing so, we are merely trying to fix their problem situation supporting them to think through and own a solution. This does not work well, if at all, in the long haul to produce sustained learning or change.

Here is your last chance to preview a real-life, real-time coaching session. You will have an opportunity to experience how our transformative coaching approach heightens the awareness, deepen the learning and creates a powerful perspective shift to enables change that is deep and sustainable.

Coach: Diana Purdy I Professional Certified Coach.

Diana is a seasoned lawyer with a passion for helping others achieve their potential. Initially trained more than 20 years ago in inner healing, she has gradually transitioned into the art and science of transformational coaching. By combining an empathetic coaching style with a depth of insight into human nature, Diana can evoke awareness, clarity and understanding in her coaching conversations that allow her clients to experience a breakthrough in their perspectives.

May 19, 2021 08:00 PM in Singapore

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